Monday, August 10, 2015

The Bankster: Ravi Subramanian

The Bankster by Ravi Subramanian rest amid the workforce in the higher stratum of the bank outdoing inkling as if in a impart pursuit, crafting it more or less not possible for the booklover to disembark at a defined conjecture of the obscure bloke, and that is where the writer attain oodles.

The chronicle is a spot on obscurity in all its unity and quintessence that can be put spaced out from the rest as an echoing exemplar of what a ambiguity ought to and must be and arise from the lozenge pits of Angola and outdo hands to Vikram Bahl and arrive to Mumbai where largely it is positioned. It shortly meander off to Europe chasing a string of fateful yet ostensibly discrete measures.

At hand are heaps of wind to key connive, but all has been interlaced skilfully with petite episodes with patent and eloquent staging of facts and the anecdote is awfully sensible with the manner the writer toggling amidst these four stories in a flawless style is a fad to be longed-for and the stratagem will undeniably stay you captivated and you would just crave to interpret further and extra with what ensue in the finish, departing you totally dumb hit.

All the while, suchlike estimate you create about the conclusion it twist out to be totally contrary and you'll fancy for the tale to keep on in Mumbai whilst it seize you to Kerala which craft you stay ramping the leafs. under no circumstances all through your entire comprehend you'll sense that you are left bitty and it's the prettiness of the writers recounting that the whole thing appear to be in a surge with the novelist’s gen concerning the banking business evidently reputing in the intrigue.

Title: The Bankster • Author: Ravi Subramanian • ISBN: 9788129120489 • Binding: Paperback • Published: 2012 • Publisher: Rupa Publications • Pages: 364 • Language: English

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Harivansh Rai said...

After a long time I read a gripping financial thriller by an Indian author.
I found book attention-grabbing & would suggest to everyone who want to read some crusty & non- superficially emotional tales. A versatile script woven around three analogous sub plots, the narrative whiz through different parts of the world while keeping its readers speculate about the next course of events. The first story deals with a covert CIA agent trafficking ‘blood diamonds’ & unlawful arms with some fanatic political group in remote Africa, The second one narrates about an old man fighting against the government to ensure the safety measures in development of a local nuclear plant in distant parts of Kerela and the main plot involves an international Bank HQ in Mumbai where a big money-laundering scam is sprouting embroidered with manipulation, power-clashes & corporate politics. All these plots although being so diverse from one another gets connected at the closing stages very immaculately by the author.
The narration of the book is quite simple and the author has simplified the complex banking terms and defined them in common man’s verbatim. The capricious twists & turns keep its readers fixed. However, I felt the climax was too speedy and bit confusing as unpredictable findings keeps on tumbling here and there. Also, I personally felt that in the last part where the main character, a banker turned journalist joins in to solve the scheme is quite theatrical & archetypal detective TV series type.