02 February 2013

RIP: Mukul Deva

Self-styled Resurgent Indian nationalists of a country bubble with resentment at the never-ending rip-offs along with tittle-tattles swaying its extreme underpinning. Vigilantes undertake to impede dishonest lawmakers as well as conspiring public servants even if it denotes slaughtering them. Colonel Krishna Athawale and his squad of individual service executives unite to guard the state from the adversary inside. They dub themselves the K-Team with no one out of harm's way as of their lethal objective. Hell-bent on preventing them is Raghav Bhagat, scoundrel Para commando, cannon for lease and Krishnas bete noir.

Wedged in the crossfire is Vinod Bedi, Special Director CBI, Reena Bhagat, a stunning news bulletin anchor, disillusioned by her spouses infidelity along with two youthful lads, Sachin and Azaan, frayed distant by the trouncing of a blood relation. It doesn’t get finer. Indias storybook gale horde, Mukul Deva sets free yet one more rhythm beating, wafer jack of a suspenseful story. Secured on the periphery of realism, RIP will stay you ramp folios late into the hours of darkness.

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