The Billionaire's Secret by Ravina Hilliard is the book I'm talking about today. Behind the cover lies a novel which has been able to mix eroticism and romance with a truly compelling suspense plot. This romantic and erotic novel with a guaranteed happy ending, and a few problems along the way, chronicles the romance between a young businesswoman and a billionaire.

Serena Aisling, the protagonist, is a woman who is as strong in appearance as she is sensitive inside. Serena knew better than anyone what it was to have a painful past, as her millionaire father abandoned her at birth to be raised single-handedly by her mother.

After working cleanly and professionally, her life is turned upside down when she is sent to Helsinki to design a production process for a new product at the Mäkelä Group, ruled by the coveted bachelor, Matias Mäkelä. Serena is immediately drawn to the attractive, overbearing CEO, causing internal conflict.

It had not been her intention to keep Matias from herself. She was just trying to do her job but it didn't take her long to let him bewitch her completely. For years, no one had dared to approach and disturb her fragile peace. But suddenly, a ray of hope came to her world, someone who filled the shadows of her past with light.

Matias was everything she could dream of. Attractive, protective, educated, romantic and despite everything, a shark, both in business and in bed. So little by little Serena is more and more attracted to him, not knowing that she is holding back, in love with him like never before.

However, when Serena unleashes her desire and begins a relationship with Matias, she will experience the most intense pleasure of her life. Serena finds herself under the tutelage of Matias, who becomes first a friend and then, a lover. Against the backdrop of the cold Helsinki, where silence counts more than anything else, Serena and Matias get totally involved and indulge in their obsession.

Will they be able to grant their hearts the intoxicating happiness of a dream that finally comes true? Will Serena not be destroyed by the perverse mechanism at the Mäkelä Group as a dangerous industrial spy is lurking somewhere to do anything to get to his goal?

A few mysteries are hidden, together with secrets, perversions, lies and desire for revenge fueled by hatred. And in all this, however, I have not talked about the other characters deliberately because I risk telling you too much and I would not want to ruin the suspense by making involuntary spoilers.

This is a book that must be enjoyed in blissful ignorance, without first knowing exactly what the plot is about. The secondary characters are interesting and certainly important for the development of the plot. I can't talk about the characters because often in this book things are not what they seem, and the characters almost all have a double bottom like the smugglers' suitcases.

Allow me now to dwell only for a moment on something that is close to my heart. You who know me well know that I read everything in the romance field but that erotics are undoubtedly my favorites, especially if there is also suspense.

For this reason, I can well consider myself an impartial and prepared voice on the subject and I challenge anyone who has truly and completely read "The Billionaire's Secret" to say that this is not a great book, well written and finally edited just as well.

The first clear sensation I had from the beginning was to have a very well written book, with a compelling story and engaging, perfectly outlined characters, gloomy and distressing atmospheres alternating with other sunny and serene ones.

Then, as the story becomes more intricate, the plots intertwine, the characters often turn out to be different from what they initially seemed, my involvement was almost total. I was hypnotized, as if stunned by a powerful spell.

In an exciting and sometimes comic alternation of events, between unexpected revelations and intriguing bickering, Ravina Hilliard's new novel gives us the portrait of two strong personalities who collide and discover they are made to fit together.

The author in a fluid and pleasant narrative voice was very good at developing the suspense plot so much that during reading you are constantly breathless, always attentive, waiting for the following twist, the new revelation, the unexpected clarification.

The erotic scenes are not so annoying because the author has been able to narrate them making us estrange as her protagonist does. On the other hand, the amorous skirmishes, the slightly perverse games and the very long approach to the complete act that the two protagonists perform exude love and sensuality.

Obviously not only the right elements are enough, it also takes talent to know how to combine them and to tell a story that knows how to capture the hearts of readers; and Ravina Hilliard succeeds.

In practice, Ravina Hilliard makes us "feel" the vibrations, the chills and the powerful passion that unites the two protagonists in all the scenes where they are, while in the other scenes she manages to make you remain detached. The involvement is all cerebral and not hormonal.

Book Review - The Billionaire
I am happy to have been able to read The Billionaire's Secret, indeed very happy, because it is a truly beautiful and surprising book, which will leave you satisfied just like its charming protagonist. The two protagonists are really nice, their chemistry is evident, between salacious lines and immediate harmony. They are two perfectly coincident pieces.

Undoubtedly it is intense, dark and torn at times, but it also has its dose of love and unbridled passion. Reading this novel I felt different sensations. There is a bit, but a pinch, of suspense that does not hurt and that gives history that something that attracts the reader.

If you accept a couple of choices with forced eyes at times, the result is a nice book, pleasant to read for a few hours of relaxation without too much effort. If you are looking for a nice story, my advice is to give it a chance.
Billionaire Boss, Undercover Affair by Kyra Radcliff is so damn well written that it remains difficult not to enter the characters and live through them every single moment. Indeed, I will tell you more. From my point of view, more than a thriller this book is a beautiful story of love in which the main characters decide to follow their hearts rather than their heads, showing that you can fall in love against all odds.

The book primarily tells the story of Susan Johansen and Miles Middleton. Susan is an assistant who has spent more than 10 years working for a retail business owner. Miles is the CEO of a large, wealthy company. They would have never met if it were not for Susan’s boss, Charles Dunlap, who assigns her to break up his daughter Alicia’s engagement with Miles, his arch-enemy in business.

Susan in fact, behind her facade as a strong and independent woman, hides a wounded soul, accustomed to defending herself because she has never met anyone willing to fight for her, to believe in her. Susan is a very strong young woman, and is fleeing from a past that has hurt her and obviously don't take this news very well and she is ready to scream, but it will be difficult to convince Charles.

Susan loves her job and her company and has a clear understanding of the responsibility given to her. She has worked hard, hard and hard and when Charles dangles the post of Vice President, which has been Susan’s dream job, she gives in.

Miles is a positive character, who does not give up, who wants to live correctly and at some point in his life he had to choose between what was right and what was convenient. Miles easily recognizes the echo of loneliness that surrounds Susan. He manages to see her, to truly see her as nobody has ever done before to help her heal from the past that made her suffer so much. Susan will be surprised herself by the evolution of his behavior.

Beyond the minor characters, very well characterized, Billionaire Boss, Undercover Affair is a true love story, with unexpected implications, but absolutely tantalizing. The protagonist is combative but good, she does not accept that someone can or wants to put her feet on her head. Sincere to the core. Because only the truth of a feeling can help take extreme decisions.

I cannot tell more, otherwise I would make you lose the pleasure of discovering the evolution of the story. My dear readers, what can I tell you about this very pleasant book? Which I really liked! I admit that I did not have very high expectations and that I approached it conscious of having yet another erotic book in my hands, but I must admit that it pleasantly surprised me.

Some time ago I read a sentence that struck me a lot and that I think fits well with what is then the essence of this novel: "Trust is the only known cure for fear". Once again Kyra hit the mark. Billionaire Boss, Undercover Affair is a book that, in my opinion, should be read absolutely! A novel that makes you smile, reflect and sigh, a sweet and passionate love story at the right point. The theme of trust is the one that surely dominates all the others.

I would have preferred a stronger initial battle between the protagonists, but Miles is basically a good guy, so despite the conspiracy and vindictive thoughts remains true to his nature. Narrated from the point of view of all the protagonists, a beautiful thing, because you completely enter the story, Kyra accompanies us to the end with a fluid, dynamic and never boring writing, in which she manages to perfectly dose suspense and love.

Well-characterized and complete characters, well-written and never heavy adrenaline scenes, make it a complete and well-written novel. Meanwhile, the writing style of the author is fresh, sparkling, ironic, and never boring. An exciting, intense novel, in which you clearly feel the suffering of the protagonists, the search for normality, and the hope of coming out all unscathed from the nightmare they are experiencing.

When there are beautiful stories, intense and full of tension, just like in this case, it is unthinkable not to dive and get completely lost in pages like these. I started reading it in one afternoon and I didn't have peace until I got to the end and once I finished reading I would continue again and again.

Few are the books that give me this effect and when they do it is because that novel is worth all the time you spend. Billionaire Boss, Undercover Affair is a whirlwind of intense emotions where suspense, violence, abuse, passion, love, pain and important choices are perfectly balanced to give life to a narrative context.

Book Review - Billionaire Boss, Undercover Affair
The book displaces the reader leading them inside the novel with a deep emotional impact, unique in its kind and that makes you live the story completely through a sexy, sensual and highly narrative erotica.

When a book, even if only from the plot, already makes you smile, expectations inevitably increase. Unfortunately, when expectations are high, it is often easy to be disappointed but this is not the case!

Did you fall there eh? I loved this book! I liked it so much that, even now, thinking back to some scenes, I smile. It's a very nice novel, sometimes nice and sometimes sweet, and I liked it! I say it is worth the risk if in return you get a love that heals the soul and allows you to fly.
I literally devoured the pages of An Uneasy Alliance by Kyra Radcliff. In this book nothing is as it seems, and as a reader you will begin to speculate on who is telling the truth and above all what is the ultimate goal of every action or word of all the characters, none excluded. Get to know the determined Katherine James and the insane Tate Reilly!

Irony, madness and overwhelming attraction frame the story of Katherine and Tate, two magnets who should not be attracted to each other but will they be able to resist? Let's find out together. Happy Reading!

The protagonist is Katherine who, has to do whatever it takes to get her brother out of bars, decides to accept the invitation of her enemy, Tate to his villa as his live-in social secretary for one month. Katherine will become part of this microcosm so well designed in a completely natural way and a few days will be enough to be emotionally involved with Tate.

But in all this, believe me, it won't be Tate, who will upset you, but all the "script" that the inhabitants of his mansion and its surroundings seem to have put in place. Katherine feels that something unspoken lingers in the air and will investigate a lot to shed light on these doubts but what will she discover? Read it, read it, read it!

It is an erotic novel finally, where eroticism permeates the pages without being the centerpiece. The first and third-person narrative makes this a choral novel without ever losing sight of the importance of the protagonists who always remain on the front line.

A story with decidedly noir traits, which fascinates and intrigues the reader psychologically causing them to involuntarily enter the mind of Katherine while not accepting the rules. Several times, in fact, situations have found my dissent but nothing has managed to make me stop for a moment.

Once you know Katherine and Tate you inevitably want to find out what they are hiding, not to mention of course that one is bewitched by the refinement of one and the passion of the other, just as it happens to any human being.

And amid eroticism, secrets, ambiguity and everyone's desire to do the right thing, I can tell you that I lost my mind for Keith and Sam the younger siblings of Katherine and Tate but above all for the pungent, frank, dragging style of our compatriot who gave us an erotic novel definitely not to be missed.

The story unfolds in an interesting manner among the vicissitudes of the brother and sister and the ending leaves a glimpse open to new adventures. A fluent reading of growing interest that, without ever being boring, addresses with great concreteness the anxieties, frustrations, the evolution (and the inversion) of human relationships.

I found all the four characters were well built and outlined, on the one hand insecure and fragile and on the other strong and determined, able to complement each other, but above all capable of becoming aware of what they really want and what is really important for their respective lives.

The deep bonds that unite characters end up prevailing on cynicism and disenchantment. In the construction of the figures that animate the story, I appreciated the fact that none can be defined as totally positive, but each one has fragility and shaded areas that make it more authentic.

The narration flows smoothly going straight to the point, and at the heart of the matter without getting lost in unnecessary turns, immediately capturing the attention and keeping it alive until the end of the reading. The book is well written, it takes you and makes you go through the 178 pages with almost one breath. In many passages I got excited, it made me think.

The plot had made me anticipate that I would read something that was in my strings and above all that it would not have been the usual erotic escapade, all acrobatics and nothing else. How nice to find out that my intuition has not failed. Who decides to read this book will be faced with a story full of mystery, intrigue and markedly erotic traits.

Book Review - The Billionaire Needs a Bodyguard
Sweet-bitter, funny, edgy, cynical, touching, the title is entirely pertinent, because the story is broad and I would say that it concerns life in its entirety, with its limits, the wrong choices, the circumstances that guide everyone's actions, for better or for worse.

The author knows how to write very well, with a simple language but enriched with words and expressions worthy of a high literature. The story is exciting and I recognized myself in several moments in the life of the characters.

It is an unforgettable reading because the ending comforts you. Some choices of life, wrong or right they are, are part of the human being and very often, apparently negative, have positive implications precisely because it is not possible to go against nature. Between a laugh, a smile, a curse, a moment of tenderness and one of pure passion, the author has really conquered me, therefore I cannot help but advise you also to read this novel.
I really liked The Billionaire Needs a Bodyguard by Ravina Hilliard. It is hardly an erotic novel but yet is so exciting. Alexandra "Lex" Granger and Michael Thornton makes sparks fly, of course, and the book will make you feel very hot, but at the same time it will also make you move and sigh. The ending is beautiful, I know I can't tell you anything, but trust me!

Mike is a handsome, intelligent and confident multi-billionaire bachelor, in short, a dream man. He built his empire on his own with great determination and this makes him a control freak in all senses. Mike will surprise you, will enchant you and above all it will make you terribly curious.

His actions and his way of expressing his feelings are captivating, often mysterious, but also capable of arousing truly intense emotions both mentally and physically. His reactions so contrasting, but so real and genuine, will excite you on more than one occasion.

Lex, is sweet and sensitive but also confident and determined, especially when she wants something and doesn't need to be different because she's a security consultant. Her job is to provide security to her customers, not to babysit them. When Lex was told to go undercover to protect billionaire businessman, she did not know how that mission was going to change her life.

Accustomed to a free life, she did not like having to pose as an escort to protect the life of a billionaire but knowing that it was the only way to go, she accepted it as a lesser evil becoming a bodyguard for a guy who has attractive looks. Lex, our protagonist, decides to infiltrate as a companion, or rather more correctly as a prostitute, in this world.

Of course she does not do it with her eyes closed. As she had anticipated when meeting her protégé, sparks flew because not in vain Mike represented everything that she wanted. The billionaire's opinion of her was no better because the costume did not deceive him and he saw her as a femme fatale.

Lex and Mike belong together, not only for the sexual and carnal attraction that overwhelms them during their encounters. Will they be able to find the strength and courage to confront each other on their intimate desires? Their experience has in fact strongly shaped their characters in an indelible way.

Lex will try to charm him with her affable ways and her breathtaking appearance, but she is a different woman. Her elusive attitude will literally drive Mike crazy. The constant game that arises between the two catches you, it doesn't get heavy, and you want to keep reading to see what happens.

While she does her job, which is to protect him from the "bad guys," an uncontrollable passion is emerging among them. They are two characters that I will hardly forget, it would make no sense to do so. Summarizing their story of hate and love would risk ruining one of the most beautiful works published so far.

I don't have the right competence to do it and to put it all the way down: I don't even want to try. I want you to immerse yourself in reading, I want to feel your hearts throbbing so fast that you can't breathe, I want to make you suffer to the end just like I did.

Let's start from the beginning: the cover and the title I find are in line with the story that the reader will then find himself reading and fantasizing. Essential and clean I would define it. I state that I often do not see the textures of the books that I am going to read, but I choose them based on the feelings I have looking at the cover image.

Let's proceed with the story: I find it was conceived and developed in a fluid way, there are no pauses where the reader does not understand or get bored, anything else is always catapulted to the right and left by the events. The relationship between Lex and Mike is passionate and lively. I also liked the other characters.

A fluid and engaging writing, with an extremely pressing rhythm; even if you find analogies with books already read or famous, I assure you that this is a story worth reading, because it will surprise you. The author managed to give us a gash in the soul of her characters, making everything incredibly fascinating and engaging.

I have to admit that, regardless of whether I liked them or not, how the characters are treated is a highlight of the book, since we end up knowing everyone perfectly. They are very explosive, both for good and for bad: Lex is the eternal professional who does not want to do her job badly for anything in the world.

I found the story a light and pleasant reading, the narrative structure intersects the voices of both protagonists in each single chapter, managing to have an all-round vision. The story seems a little surreal, I don't say anything else to not take away your curiosity, anyway the cliché is always the same.

Although the plot is very hackneyed, the author has managed to give it the appropriate focus, creating a story with very well defined characters, with unexpected twists and agile dialogues. I read it in one afternoon. A very pleasant text where the intrigue is maintained throughout the novel, make the set very attractive to read.

The style is very flowing, both the places and the moods of the protagonists are accurately described. I find there is a right balance between the physical and sentimental part. The bond that is created between Lex and Mike is gradual enough not to be senseless, not imposed, both have different feelings in different ways, and this limits the trust placed in others, leading them to experience mixed feelings.

I really liked this book, and I must admit that this author is incredible. In short, this romantic novel, I liked it, is entertaining, the progress of the relationship between both hooks, has some erotic parts, (very few) and the level of action is not secondary, both go hand in hand. So I can say that I liked it very much by recommending it.

I can tell you that in this novel nothing is missing: suspense, passion, love, mystery, intrigue, jealousy, and more. There is a lot of sweetness, rough and other very romantic scenes, and a very special ending. What should I tell you? I would have liked a little more.

I hope I can find the right words to describe this novel. A hard, ruthless story, far from the usual romance, but no less beautiful. Quite the opposite, in two words: simply gorgeous. But do not be fooled because there is nothing simple. Action, passion, anger are the basic ingredients, but what made it to my eyes is the style of the author.

She leaves nothing to chance, she managed to build an intricate story, difficult to accept and at the same time so easy to love, so much so that I unwittingly felt myself catapulted into the middle of the novel and, like an anonymous and well-hidden spectator, I was able to participate personally, horrified and bewitched, in the events involving the two protagonists.

A plot so masterfully woven that often sent me into confusion, causing me to doubt the ending, a finale that I already knew, (who knows me well knows that before starting a novel I must know the epilogue). Before putting my feelings on black and white I had to think carefully and I still know that I have not been able to express myself better, but for once I ask you to trust me. Then you will tell me.

Can a novel upset? Can a book draw you into its pages in a few sentences and prevent you from letting it go to the end word? Well, here it is. It is very difficult to talk about it because I don't know how or where to start. Maybe I could tell you it's a romance, but it's not just that. Or that it's a detective story or a spy story, but it's not even that alone.

Book Review - The Billionaire Needs a Bodyguard
Or that it is an erotic book, but this too would be an understatement. A psychological analysis? Also, but not only. It involved me so much that I could imagine it on the screen, like a movie. I could see the script, the protagonists, the sets, I heard their words, I could touch certain environments with my hand. Fortunately, there aren't too violent scenes, but a lot is imagined and this is perhaps even worse.

I don't know if I managed to convey everything I felt while reading, certainly not. I'm just a passionate reader who wants you to read this book. I want you to read it and get overwhelmed like it happened to me.

Follow this suggestion: choose an evening when you know you can rest easy, make yourself a hot chocolate that you will forget, and immerse yourself in this extraordinary book, which will skin your soul and which will thank you for being here.

I can only congratulate the author for this "romance-reportage", the editors, and the publishing house that has given me the opportunity to peer briefly into this infernal world, with the hope that nothing of the it never happens to any of us.
The Tech by Mark Ravine manages to get into the reader's head and keep them clinging to the story that, in addition to the mystery, touches many realities of modern world. The narrative rhythm proceeds in crescendo, developing an exhaustive plot, where the writer took the time necessary to create a compelling literary construction, with developments at all obvious and full of action and pathos.

Alexandra Cassidy, a promising FBI special agent, will go into an investigation that will put her life, her conception of sanity at stake and that will lead her to incidental events. It is a world unknown to her and the only thing that does not make her waver is the determination to make room in that hard, all-male professional world.

But the meeting with Michael Patterson, aka Mike, the IT support shakes all her certainties. What is Mike hiding? Can Alexandra give up control and trust this man? Who is the man in the ruthless mask? What will happen when the cards are turned over?

The two study each other, turn around, touch each other, become passionate, but the web of secrets and lies seems to be tightening on them more and more. In spite of everything, Alexandra is taken, discovers of herself and complicated new things, important details that, perhaps, will eventually serve to shed light of her life.

We read the story of Mike and Alexandra, two different characters but who will discover they are much more similar people than they thought. Mike has a goal and she is his pawn but slowly it starts to be something more. A game that mixes with duty, fiction that blends with reality and borders become almost invisible.

Through their bodies they find themselves sharing much more than they had planned and, page after page, we see them giving themselves more and more piece by piece. In their relationship nothing is as expected, for Alexandra everything is new but at the same time when she is with him she feels herself.

Love, hate, fate, strange practices, intrigue and fast-paced action flood the pages of a novel where sometimes fate tests her so that she knows she exists. The pressing rhythm of the narrative, which does not spare twists, made me reach the bottom without almost being able to stop reading.

The relationship between Mike and Alexandra evolves and heals the wounds of both when they accept the truths that concern them. Some moments really have a charge of engaging sensuality and, in some way, for them, cathartic. At the end, equally engaging, the love story is particular, certainly not conventional, but very intense and profound, with an underlying tenderness that enchants.

Dive into an intricate investigation that will delight lovers of the genre. Mark Ravine dazzles us with his first foray into the detective genre with a fascinating novel, full of suspense and mystery. With an agile style, Mark Ravine builds a thriller that explores the limits of the human being and breaks the schemas of the suspense genre.

I love that Ravine doesn't change the main character throughout the book. Most authors decide they want to change character and be something more different, but Ravine made the character strong and resilient from the start. The suspense and action part, was able to balance things and make reading a little more engaging, also focusing on the psychology of the protagonists.

Ravine gives us an addictive novel that grabs you from the first page and keeps you tied to it until its haunting ending. In a wonderful way, Ravine manages to perfectly spin the descriptions, dialogues and characters so that as readers we stay hooked to an atmosphere of much intrigue and action, posing as feelings of suffering, love, fear and pain in equal parts.

A novel that is easy to read, absorbing and difficult to put to rest, because every time you are forced to stop reading, you want to return to it (at least that's what has happened to me). I am a lover of this type of books because I love the detective part, the action and the adrenaline in the scenes.

With a fluid and fluent writing, correct, but with great impact and descriptive ability capable of conveying emotions vividly, Ravine sets his narrative with a cyclical trend. This scaffolding allows the reader to come into contact with the various figures that are linked in the book by the red thread.

Different in profession and personal history, the characters are endowed with depth, feelings and motivations that give depth allowing us to understand them and find with one, several, who knows maybe with everyone, contact points that lead to empathy.

By alternating actions, the story clearly takes shape and is told, in a rhythm that imprisons by capturing personal stories; crime; and pains that strike like a punch in the stomach, turn into a dark fascination. For a long time, I had not read a book that fully fell within the dynamics of domination and submission and I must say that I had missed it very much.

Reading some scenes in these books and going back with your mind and rethinking scenes that impressed me in other books made my skin tingle. This kind of books has always attracted me like a moth: discovering this world where you are not sinners but simple living beings with particular inclinations.

Without being a masterpiece, it is a good novel, entertaining and well written, which has not disappointed me. I have read it in an electronic version, and it must be said that the edition is correct, without flaws and with a good index. It is a book that has suspense and intrigue and is also unpredictable in events which makes the book entertaining. It is a book that attracts, engages and reads quickly.

Book Review - The Tech by Mark Ravine
The compelling plot acquires greater human and emotional impact, thanks to the characters, which the writer introduces in the best way, that is, slowly, without haste, with the seraphic calm of a turn of the page, making us immerse in the events that they follow each other almost sacredly, with respect for the topics covered.

In this novel the description of the feelings and sensations that move the various actors, their intense motivations, are developed concretely, making their every step comprehensible to the reader, making them credible figures, without ostentation.

The narrative has compelling implications that come surprisingly. This is confirmed by the fact that, before reaching the end of the book, when it is expected to move towards the supposed conclusions, the plot undergoes a clear change of course, inserting an unexpected twist.

Tenacity on one side, brazen evil on the other. Nobody will emerge unscathed from this adventure, not even the truth. The ending will make your heart beat and clench your fists and who knows, maybe Ravine will give us a following capable of arousing new emotions. An epic ending leaves a crack open, like a door ajar on what could become another exciting story.
Here I am today with the review of a really interesting book. Already from the cover I was very intrigued. The novel in question is titled The Soft Target by Kalyan Nanda.

Do you have a moment, God? The search for dialogue with the Absolute has always questioned the human heart. There is the urgency of a relationship, an urgency common to many. Composed of multiple levels of reading, the novel uses irony to highlight all the ills of the world and to denounce the role of men in its destruction.

Book Review - The Soft Target by Kalyan Nanda
The absolute protagonist is Mohan Mishra who suffers a rare mental illness and is destined to abandon all aspirations. As a child, the boy was despised by everyone, but becoming a great student who could get the right recognition and respect from his parents, but that road closes as his parents passes away and then again his wife.

This novel is a male story that has as its protagonist a man who fights for himself and for all that he has lost. A man who starts from scratch and who fights against survival, through a series of obstacles that will not allow him to take giant steps but to suffer and have to earn even the smallest step forward.

A struggle that, at the end of a journey full of twists and turns, will be the very foundation of human nature. We are torn apart, forever and ever, by the desire to find a balance between our dark side and a conscience that pushes you to want to do the right thing.

Yet from the beginning it is clear that we have before us an out of the ordinary character. Everything is complex and debatable in an era that is described to perfection by the author and leads us to eavesdrop and spy within a context that is slowly destroying.

The social aspect is the pride of the novel as there is a continuous alternation of criticisms, and whispers that revolve around the choices of Mohan. And this is why the man decides to roll up his sleeves and do everything by himself. He fills his life with solitary euphony, chained, repeated and insistent notes.

Much of the narrative is based on this aspect, which becomes an integral part of the whole story, a true character, with its strengths and weaknesses. The dual morality present in this period manifests itself in all its sadness, corruption and cowardice.

On the one hand, people are all fearful of God, modest, ready to pray and to join hands in sign of respect and tolerance. On the other hand, however, everyone is ready to point, criticize, put the sticks in the wheels and destroy you if you do not act as they say.

Many are the characters that appear on the scene but none of them can be defined as good or bad. What the author tells us is a great story. The Soft Target is a full and intense novel, which speaks of desires, shocks and breaking points with the ability to excite in its simplicity of words made to speak directly to each of us.

In the fluency of the text, there is no lack of profound traits. The text certainly shows the spiritual stature of the author. It is certainly a recommended text, especially in current times, where great confusion and disbelief reigns.

For the rest, the style is very fluid and linear, words used are researched without making the reading heavy or demanding. The descriptions are not overly detailed, but not even inexistent, with the right mix that allows a good imagination of events without making you want to skip entire paragraphs to take action.

The beginning seemed a bit too rich in characters and jumps from one side to the other, but soon you can become familiar with the world, really well structured with the various characters.

The narrative is a journey made of words and omniscient looks that allow the reader to enter completely into the story. The style is fluid, full-bodied, but also synthetic, never disturbing, between the past and the present.

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Kalyan Panja
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