Review: Book of Emotions: Unstained by Mongshai Khiamniungan

Book of Emotions: Unstained by Mongshai Khiamniungan is a poetry book written in the silence. The inner descriptions reflect the thoughts, giving them a very special sound. From the twilight of reflection emerge dense colorful images and the typical scent of lands. Here time stands still but that really sums up emotions. So the still sun mixes with introspection and passion of a look on the sea in the warm afternoon.

Words chase and things get thoughts written in this book of Marinella, in a kind of dance that surrounds and enchants the reader. I feel warm feelings leading to a place where in the afternoon it seems that the time really stops and makes you appreciate his best time.

In a loose style, with a punctuation limited to the bare minimum, Mongshai leads us into her thoughts. The flow of words and images caress the ear and stimulate the imagination dropping us into the inner world which reflects the outer. Almost seamlessly.

And we stay with her to listen to the surf on the rocks, watching the dreams and clouds sailing in the blue. And, almost without realizing it, to think about ourselves. In art, it happens to not be able to distinguish between content and form because they interpenetrate. And this also happens in lyrical poetry, where content and form are determined mutually. The verses were composed as to create snapshots, almost halting images and emotions of the experience. The poems enclose moments and thoughts that roam freely and escapes away.

Our thoughts and our emotions remain fragmented because it is linked to a time, the present, which is given only in the moment. And the primary isotopy, which acts as a thread in these lines, is precisely the time.

There is a desire to keep forever the immutable to be not scratched by the passage of time, to realize the permanence of the changeable, but being aware of the succession of instants that finds and blurs traces, which configures the existence in its contradictory aspects.

In fact, the poems precisely delineate this aspect of overlap and decomposition of reality. And, in this particular view, the metaphor, which is itself estrangement of the real, instead arises as a natural and necessary depiction of a world. It, just like the thoughts, on the one hand, is presented as form shaped in harmony.

Will Dreams Remain Dreams? This is perhaps the way that best describes the whole collection. Why in that silence there is the sound of dreams, thoughts, and desires? All that a poetess tries in her deep thoughts is to give it to others without asking anything in return but to be understood.

Overall the poems are pleasant, sincere, and full of emotions. With great skill, Mongshai outlines reflections with words of melodies and disagreements. These are the sounds of life but also outlines the silence.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 61 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Published: 11 November 2017 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9386653284
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