Kalyan is reviewing books on diverse genres from travel, cookery, contemporary romance, erotica to crime fiction and also memoirs and other non-fiction books. For reviews, he does favor books on travel, cookery and lifestyle genre being passionate about travel, food, and fashion altogether. He also writes articles and stories for leading magazines, both on the Web and on newsstands. He also reviews products, gadgets, and other stuff on his other blogs. Kalyan is passionate about digital graphics, writing, and cooking, as well as movies and TV series.

Book Promotions

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Book Review Policy

This blog does accept books from both publishers and authors for review and posting. This is a formal Book Review Policy for potential publicists and authors.

For Authors/Publishers

This blog collaborates with those interested in publicizing their books out through reviews, interviews, and giveaways, as also the promotion of the books via Social Networks.

For Readers

A book lover can expect to be updated on the latest releases of their favorite authors, discover new ones and stay abreast of the latest books. The readers can read candid and sincere reviews without unnecessary frills and can learn more about the authors, thanks to the interviews on the site and receive many gifts like books, gadgets, ebooks through giveaways.

Review timeframe

I will try to have my review posted within a maximum of 3 weeks after it’s sent but that may not be always possible, so please let me know if you have certain deadlines/requirements, so I can make a note of that.


If you’d like my review posted on any other site please let me know in advance and I’ll decide it, according to the nature of the site to be posted. All of the published material is under copyright. Therefore, we appreciate you contacting us prior to replication of any written material from the blog.

Book Promotion Rates
For every book, our package rate is 125 USD (this includes posting one photo/video sent by you on instagram, pinterest, facebook and twitter and our book review on our blog/amazon/goodreads).

The individual rates are as follows:
Instagram and Pinterest - 100 USD
Facebook and Twitter - 25 USD

Book Review only - 25 USD (blog/amazon/goodreads)
The payment has to be made in advance.

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