Book Review: Dear, I Love You by Arun Sabtharishi

Dear, I Love You by Arun Sabtharishi is a tale about what happens when cupid strikes. Love begins with luck and chance, starting with anticipation of moments of luck and chance colliding over two souls.

The narrative opens in a flight with the power of love bringing the protagonist Gautham to Delhi in search of his lost lover Anu. It is a quite simple and realistic story of a relationship between the pair, which bloomed during their college life.

Gautham’s life is a roller coaster ride since he meets a beautiful girl in college and falls head over heels in love with her. He is ready to forget everything to catch a glimpse of the violet beauty. Sooner than the later his parents discover his midnight escapades to be with her girl in the days Anu comes from her home. They were not completely averse to their relationship after seeing her. But it is he himself who through his immaturity starts creating an element of doubt in the relationship. It ultimately makes the journey more challenging for both of them.

From here on sometimes they just kiss (in the real sense) and makeup but break it at the next moment. The last pages of this novel are really enjoyable, especially life for both Anu and Gautham after passing out of college while heading towards their work lives in different cities. This is a stage where love finds its biggest challenge. To find out whether love finally manages to unite these two souls, you need to read till the last page.

The mix of romance in Gautham's adventures before his exams, or rushing to hold the phone before his mother, to find his dads call and also in the beaches of Kovalam adds flavour to the title.

The original portrait of Gautham's character was never overlooked which you can understand on reaching the climax of the book. The twists before the climax were very easy and light which any body would anticipate at any point of time.

Gautham is like guys frequently in us or just around us in terms of running behind beautiful ladies. Then being in love and rejecting it to realise the mistake later. It will make you marvel as if you had read it before and oh so proverbial.

There are so many tepid moments in places and feelings that will melt you as you read on. The narrative beautifully connect the protagonist Gautham and the characters in the different scenarios. There is especially the vivid imagery of the romance in the shores of the Indian Ocean as also his daily escapades.

It has a unique and fantastic ending with full of surprises and shocks. The excitement will gradually grow as you move towards the end in the journey of this tale.

Arun’s writing style is easy. The book is a nice, enjoyable, warm read. It will keep you glued from the opening page to the final to discover what happened finally in this simple and syrupy love story and fall in love yourself.

Title: Dear I Love You | Author: Arun Sabtharishi | Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers | ISBN: 9788183520874 | Binding: Paperback |Published: 2011 | Language: English

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