Book Review: Love is Vodka by Amit Shankar

Love is Vodka, A Shot Ain't Enough by Amit Shankar is not just a tale of a run of the mill adolescent girl in quest of escapades and plummeting in love. It expresses the book lovers to seize a plunge in the adore soaked moonlit ocean of erotic saga. There are delightfully explored female sentiments articulated in an astonishing narrative.

Moon, a love baby is the central character. She is an emblematic contemporary teen girl. She is everything save for a predictable youngster. She discerns existence isn't all mottled like a butterfly. Thanks to regular prompts from her care for who has countered the social order and defied the system all through her thriving job. She raise an affectionate baby in a nation where still having one is unthinkable being fetched to this globe, by an already wedded French envoy. She return to old relations after learning of her mother's pregnancy.

The account gyrates in the region of the distressed verve of a go-getting, gifted and gorgeous Moon. To her reason is her top chum, in spite of being exalted with all the opulence endowed with by her hugely accepted and flourishing mother, Payal Malik, a top TV news anchor.

Moon at all times senses a bare hole in herself. She yearn for the care for and mind of a ‘Dad’ even if she is often mollycoddled by her birth father. She had a fine connection with him, whom she had certainly not met but they spoke. The internet play a key part in her verve, as he sends her love in the shape of outfits and pricey devices.

It took Moon a while to discover right adore akin to we require little shots of Vodka, to catch the true thrust. The culmination is out of the blue and extremely reassuring. It is mainly for the reason that an immature, content with herself little girl was revealed to have developed assorted when she initiates spot on worship.

With a wannabe industrialist as her boyfriend, the phrase love perplexes her. The entire thought of boasting a lonely cohort and adore being undying is far away from her grasp. Existence spin upside down when she plunge for a live-in liaison with her much adult chief. He ensures to be her mother's boyfriend too. Fate further obscures stuff by exalting her with a large modeling job. She turns out to be famed and in style quickly.

A conflict fires up net linking her cranium and compassion on a set of subjects kiss-and-tell her to an assortment of outlines of love online and offline. The social-media put the base to her chaotic love life. Nearly a kaleidoscope of her adore associations are stimulated by Facebook shared with the lone mate she identifies in the midst of the ocean of the feelings. The heady blend craft and crack Moon in each possible means.

Moon time and again search for help from her top buddy ‘logic’. Each time the fairy-tale expression love bamboozle her and reason craft her perform stuff or fairly clever stuff which doesn't leave too fit with the folks fretful. Moon wheels at ease on the trail of a thriving call. But adore fall short glumly and terribly at a few junctures, none of which fetch her adore and accomplishment. A chain of ill-fated actions trial her grit by fixing her behind except being a pugilist, she at all times comes out winning.

Glowingly on paper and snappily abridged, the book is an effortless interpret. You would crave to stay the folios turning to make out what ensue to her.

Commendable with swift tempo along with an enormously appealing chronicle, it is an ought to be interpreted by all and sundry truly in love or aim to be sooner or afterward and go on board on an enlivening rendezvous to realize love like never before.

Publisher: Vitasta Publishing ♣ Published: 2013 ♣ ISBN-13: 9788192535449 ♣ Language: English ♣ Binding: Paperback ♣ Pages: 212

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