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Book Review: Bankerupt by Ravi Subramanian

Bankerupt by Ravi Subramanian is each tad of a swift lick crime novel. Banking is the milieu of the enjoyable conspire with schemes, people getting framed for offenses not perpetrated, mercilessness, greed and the consequential upshots.

An academy is an organization for top edification as well as exploration. But it can also be a consign where educational lustre escort to overstated sense of self, astringent politics and ultimately, assassination.

Put in Mumbai, Coimbatore and Boston, the volume begins on a gifted note at the face. The head of United States of America, Clinton upset with the carnage in his nation, is pondering over Gun Control Act. And here on, the tale sets off on in three analogous digressions.

The initial digression is in relation to Cirisha Narayanan. She is an Indian, associate research fellow in Social Psychology at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). She is very zealous in relation to her job. She is one of the most loved folks in her unit, who has cli…