Book Review: A Journey to Remember: Swarupa Chavan

A Journey to Remember by Swarupa Chavan parleys on an exploratory expedition. It ensures to transform the being of two central characters in a stunning passage on companionship as well as adore. The book is in relation to find out your spot on identity when the core ethics and values that you mature up with are all of a sudden tested one day. It leaves you taken aback and conjecture what to do after that.

The tale engaged in the milieu of the stunning innate vista of Shimla. It orbits in the region of the verve of two top of childhood friends. It sets in motion with the trip of Ananya, a no-nonsense wilful young woman headed to Shimla. She meets up with an expressive starry-eyed lass, Reva who is unable to own up the love with Nikhil to her firm father, a retired Army General. So she ends up in looking for Ananya’s assistance.

Ananya, who do not consider in love and deemed love to be an imaginary as well as very glorified trend takes her friendship extremely sincerely. She sets out on a flight of astonishing discovery. She drops everything and dashes to her help her mate Reva when her parents settle on to fix her wedding with Kunal, a blithe calm chap who has never taken any liaison seriously in his life. He is a well-off kid do not have any penchant and has no plan of getting conjugal so quickly but has decided to visit Shimla merely due to family demands.

These parallel minded mottled characters are fated to get together. It is a ride which alters their existence once without end. It appends the zing to an otherwise dull existence and how they deal with to obscure and form bedlam in an or else typical lives of folks near them. There are mix-ups, larceny as well as duplicity amidst nascent romance and rupturing minds. It bends and ramps the story all along its voyage.

Kunal on the way to Shimla meets Ananya who gets helpless with her flat tyred car on the way. The extreme first view of her craft him sense exquisite and she obtains a fraction of consigning in his head. Sparks fly off in their very first get-together when he extends his assistance to her. She declines, just to feel sorry for it before long.

By seeing Ananya at Reva’s premises, Kunal slips-up her for Reva. Taking this as an advantage Ananya attempts to move the cards well while pretending herself as Reva. Ananya prepares to meet Kunal and aims to seek his aid to break the marriage and craft a bad intuition of him to the General. While Sam, the cook cum chauffeur who appear to be the right hand for the General whiffs something irregular. He turns into a mole to make out it and interrupt their naive plan, out of his open devotion towards the General.

Ananya lands up in a mess when core values, as well as viewpoints, are confronted. She is unable to figure out the magnetism she experiences for Kunal but is petrified of the ending. She is countenanced with a momentous issue leaving her to conjecture what her trip to Shimla would show the way. While stuff gets knotty as Ananya's shot to get Reva and Nikhil together effect in misunderstandings between Kunal.

Before long Ananya enlightens Kunal on her true self and they descend in love. The four of them draft a sketch to aid Nikhil to attain a good name in the General’s wits to agree to Reva’s love for Nikhil. The culmination sees some twists and completed the interpret out of the ordinary. In the finish, it leaves you happy.

Endeavouring the easier said than done job of crafting the person who reads smirk through storytelling, the narrative was extremely silky as well as sinuous all the time. The manner of inscription in author's style is tranquil and charming. The unfolding was fine with the exercise of easy words. The account, recitation, temperaments surge in an innate manner pertinently exposing that the writer has a power and certitude of ingenious touch.

The skilfully crafted plot has a few attention-grabbing personalities. Ananya's moral fiber is incredibly striking while Nikhil, the always on the spot chap have been well crafted. The humorous interactions among the central character Ananya and her chum Reva stay us affianced and amused.

There are twirls and twists to the yarn which remains the booklovers speculating and on their rim. A few of the panoramas are side-splitting and craft you chuckle out loud. The saga is delicate yet engaging, in particular, the poems which were a lovely surprise. The innate splendor has been incarcerated well in a number of scenes carrying the bond among the scenes with its environs.

This utterly compelling and agreeable imaginative work of fiction is uplifting as well as pleasant. The writer accomplishes a first-class work of totting up an entertaining stroke to an otherwise poignant and passionate narrative.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 177 ♥ Published: July 2013 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ ISBN13: 9788182534117 ♥ Language: English

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