Book Review: Far Beyond The Dead End by Saikat Baksi

Far Beyond the Dead End by Saikat Baksi is a coming-of-age picaresque book crammed in the midst of action and adventure. It is a love story set in antediluvian era with a fascinating suspense set in a milieu of Indus-Saraswati civilisation. The painstaking study seize the person who reads into an age which is really far beyond present time.

The book is set in a period which dates three millennia past, in the vales of Mohenjo-Daro which in other words is called the mound of dead. And rightly so, that had putrefied leaving behind a few scrupulously designed derelict settlements such as Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa, and Lothal. Here under those layers of wreck, once upon a time thrived a settlement lively with life. It held one of the most planned as well as sophisticated society for its time.

Discovered in the late nineteenth century, all that was left of it now were remnants. There are a lot of lifeless cadavers lying all over the place. The tales are as mystifying as their circumstances. The book seizes us on a trip through primeval terrain that was in reality. The narrative is not just of adore and escapades, but also in relation to massacres and malevolence. It is about the exploitation of society's weakest in order to advance the ends of the affluent.

The account of this volume seizes us back in a time when the conurbation flourished. There breathed Koli, a gorgeous, elegant as well as intellectually apt seductive young woman with a mysterious appeal. She was gifted and expert at art and craft too. Her father wanted her to tie the knot with Sindhu, who is ideal with a vision of ideas burning in his eyes.

Girad, an unsuccessful businessman with his intense infatuation for verve yearns after Koli. He would stop at nothing to get to her while resorting to Machiavellian ways to make her his own. Following her nuptials, life isn’t the same for Koli. Save for it goes on while the settlement is under the menace of a doomsday. In this turmoil, a lot of animal sacrifices along with a chain of baffling murders takes place. It ensued from such mad chase for desire, assets, gold and grandeur. The infirm priest predict the fated upcoming, a prospect blighted for all time.

Their adore, ideas, insatiability, obsession and illusions shape a fraction of their existence. They run after their obsession in frenzied fury and put in shades to it all the way. While they do not stop until they wipe out the very foundation of the town. Yet, the inevitable fixture of annihilation did not cease to play. Until they ventured just to be revealed in the miscellany under a mound of debris four thousand years later.

Overflowing with suspense, and romance, this mystery crime novel is pedestal around the way of life, art and relics, the planning and the running and common life. The writer has done extensive study on this culture to provide an authentic experience of the times then.

The tome is to the top with characters that escape, wrestle, love, while we make out with them. It is mainly because the writer cared so much about them and fashioned alive, animate, flesh and blood men and women who desired for a better life. While we ambled with them on archaic grounds rebuilt not just from the writers mind's eye, but from erudite exploration.

The murder mystery is chock-a-block of startling twists and turns, and heaps of thrill. The intrigue finely put up with the enlightening facets that are an exhilarating discovery. It brought in concert glowingly into the sequence of events. The yarn has three strapping essential temperaments and a lot of others who have been carved on form.

A well paced out of the ordinary paperback that makes for a fine interpret, the description is silky and snappy. The anticipation is heaving till the conclusion that takes you by surprise with an exceptional magnetism in it and that’s because of its surroundings

On paper in clear eloquent words, the reserve by no means appear to lose its continuity. The writer has done justice to the prehistoric background. And at the similar instant he has taken ingenious freedom to develop a fairy-tale that matches the arpeggio with the person who reads.

Overall, an exceptional, as well as enjoyable, interpret loaded in the midst of facts and insights. It certainly does not fall short to stay one's concentration fixed. If you are an aficionado of historical creative writing then this order will craft you extremely absorbed till the conclusion. The background of the chronicle is wickered well with no trail left unexposed.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 240 ♥ Publisher: Srishti Publishers ♥ Published: May 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9382665120

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