Book Review: The Moment: Partha Pratim Roy

The Moment is a book by Aniruddha Bose that has been translated in English by Partha Pratim Roy. It is a book of eternal love, one that overcomes all barriers and all boundaries, even that impassable between heaven and earth. It is not impossible for the hearts that we truly believe where life, death, time and difficulties cannot divide the destinies and souls.

On this narrative line, the book ventures into this sacrilegious, cruel world, causing suffering to those who inhabit it. The authors writing guarantees results that attenuate the harrowing tale through a concrete narrative. The style is clear, linear and modern that portrays the story with lightness and intensity. It includes in a short novel a long story that transcends time and space.

In the novel, real human love carnal, passionate, joins a higher love, to deal with the difficulties, fight and overcome the forces that goes beyond. These are, therefore, intended to be hounded by powers operating with the aim to divide them and punish them for their transgression. The work flows quickly and catapults the reader into the mind of disbelief and shock causing them to suffer and, then, causing them to hope that everything will be resolved.

It happens that touches the life of someone, you fall in love and decide that the most important thing is to touch it, live it with the melancholy and worries. You get to recognize yourself in the gaze of the other, to feel that you cannot do without. What if you have to wait for months and days including nights.

An original novel which shows the intense taste for bodied narrative, intense, tangible. The descriptions of people, colours and smells assumes a real dimension. The words are transformed into emotions and is the feeling that the unreal becomes concrete substance, accompanying, just like a shadow, the life of the protagonists.

The power of true love does not accept rules. The author was able to create a book of overwhelming passion and, creating a perfect alchemy between words and the reader. It is to the point that you cannot help but read and love the characters. The undisputed protagonist is the feeling, the real one, contrasted, able to question every certainty.

The characters live in social and cultural conditions that could only divide even if the separation characterized by choices imposed or desired. It allow them to know and recognize right through the route taken with love upsets so much life to change forever the course, goals, thoughts. It is physical, clear, passionate love described by the author.

It is initially a feeling of youth and later, in the last part of the book, an alienating senile affection. Here between these poles, there is the life of the protagonists. They live according to very different paths, the one away from the other, that is always incomplete. It is all described with a unique style, sometimes elegant, sometimes passionate. Here you can almost perceive the smells and the tastes.

It is a story of love, courage, hope and expectation a wait which is answered. It is only to the will of a man and woman who has never stopped to fight for the only thing in the world that had a meaning that they love despite everything.

Love, with all its facets, is the protagonist of these pages that move the story. The reader is involved in the story where every detail has been attended to capture interest from the first pages. Here time and love are linked by a thin and weak line with the first more often prevail than the second. In this short novel it is the strength of feeling that win against any law and dominate.

And that's how the characters will be etched forever in the memory of readers. Among the most beautiful pages of the book they are just like a dance. They chase, feel, love, get lost and are left with the fear of being infected by a disease that knows no cure. No way out, that kind of love that does not like limits, or protocols to be followed, a love that defies time.

The book is a hymn to timeless love, and the courage to believe that after all it would be enough to fight to get what they ardently desire in just a space of time. It is nothing more but a space filled with hope.

Publisher: Smriti Publishers ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-93-82303-08-4 ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Pages: 160
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