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Book Review - Glittering Shadows by Manish Ranjan

Glittering Shadows is the poetic journey of Manish Ranjan. He narrates an unspeakable and the invisible truth, and walk through a lonely and painful fact of atmosphere that cannot be defined. We find certainties of the heart, of feelings that skim barely, shadows that become firm and a yearning burning of the beloved.

A path is not easy to those who set out to analyze an existential condition. In an attempt to enter, they remain in the doorway, in the philosophical dimension of this poetry collection. What emerges is a portrait of a poet who uses words harmoniously ruling them with the rigor and brilliance of a great bard. It is as if they were one with him, and comes as an excellent knowledge. He has the ability to use the instrumentation rhetoric, of a singular expressive compactness, of choice of words. Finally, he is deeply motivated.

Through his passionate words, the author pours his vision of problematic restless existence. With a full circle in celebration the poetry in all its manifestations come alive through the pages of the book. The words are trapped in the heart of a poet, like in a precious perfume bottle. The poetry comes from everything that has a spark of revelation. It has a myriad of sparks to reveal to our nose and our skin in an unforgettable lesson in poetry.

The book is intertwined with poetic passion emerging implicitly in several pages. This short and intense collection immediately highlights an idea that is very dear to the author. The life and poetry, together, as a resistance, as tenacity, as strength go against the wind with lyrical expressions. The feelings are significantly recurrent.

The poets thoughts allows the words to become immense and tenacious, realizing how to manage a bitter struggle against the clock. We see a struggle that finds poetry in his field and his bold hero because only poetry can resist, keep, save the idea that emerges. The words born from everyday life lead back to it, avoiding the risk of writing as fixation of the flow of life in an idea or worse in an ideology.

Again, the writer comes to terms with the erosion that life involves, erosion of meaning, of memory, of force. Against this corruption says it will resist, with the observation has more than writing. It is the deepest nature of the poet, who stand still and see, without care to write or the illusion of knowing.

It takes courage, boldness, to go and live on a joy against the wind which also brings us to immerse ourselves in the shadows of everyday life. The word takes on the spiritual colours, a nuance that was also reflected in the texts apparently more prosaic. It chronicles small sagas of his life with a fight that is not consumed immediately but unfolds in space and time. There is a strong hope that precisely in the trap of habits there may be joy, redemption, fulfillment. So you have to rely on that time that is the most important space.

Whether we like it or not we live our lives as the path along a road in a series of experiences that we carry out below. Then the poetry is only one of these, though not the least important. There you can meet with other visually, but also be participating in our verse. You can develop concepts and reflections in those who read them end up be inscribed as a footprint, as intangible.

And that's what this new anthology speaks of these footprints that bind the soul and this is expressed in an unusual way. According to a simple complexity, an oxymoron to say that from the outset it is necessary to accept the setting of the author. It is a short work, but with consistent content, and the occurrence of a real literary gem. It includes the inevitable disagreements between the outer and inner reality, but indicates a mystical path that we can all find digging in us to the bottom of the soul.

If we look good, especially if we are abstract for a moment from the contingent, the concept we have of us is mysterious. It is to be discovered and the author in this helps us, giving us a method and an end, in a poetic work in which what needs to be truly observed. It turns out that the content is analyzed and is not the meaning of life that sometimes we try and that we miss while we are going to grab it.

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