Book Review: Murder Most Right by Anup Rijhwani

Murder Most Right by Anup Rijhwani combines the power of the narrative with a disturbing portrait of a killer. It creates suspense, stimulates curiosity and keep vigilant attention of the reader. It intrigues page after page as the reader is encouraged to rebuild the puzzle.

The book begins with the voice of Akash Sharma, a restless tot, a perplexed youngster. He is an ethically supple young person and a besieged grown person. He finds himself knotted up in his most evil qualms within the precincts of the atrocious prison. It retraces to Shiva, the prison sweeper, oblivious of his true identity. There is a deep-rooted trail stretching from his nativity to the day he murders a individual.

In a few pages, Akash tells his gilded life. The tone of the narrative changes greatly when he takes us on a roller coaster ride. He finds himself trapped in the mesh of call centre culture. He roams the slums of Mumbai trying to ease others’ despair and at last, turns into a hot-blooded murderer. Isolated and mentally disturbed, Akash seeks closure in his daily rendezvous with Shiva.

The protagonist becomes a kind of superhero. Abetted by the circumstances in his early life, he takes us in a crescendo of adventures. They are increasingly unlikely and improbable until you get to the final. Where our hero become a hot-blooded killer. It is a compelling story full of food for thought, suspense and twists. It is strengthened by the plot and accurate depiction that allows the reader to breathe and materialize places and situations.

We readers are sensitive to the charm of the written words, on paper or bits. Some of us give in more easily to the recall of certain combinations of words rather than others. Among those that attract my attention are those that suggest the atmosphere of a thriller, and even more if they promise to reveal the truth about a particularly thorny and mysterious tangle.

The book, however, is much more than a thriller. It’s a book about the book. It’s a book in the book. It’s a web of truth. It’s also a tribute to other books and characters. It’s a fusion of different genres, held together by a style that manages to maintain its consistency, while tinged with the tragic, desolate circumstances. All this while dragging the reader between present and past, and force him to take stock of the situation in time.

Reading this book was like reading different books together. The author weaves and mix genres and types of characters, with a light background, despite the tragedy. The plot is manifested into the life and movements of Akash and all those who were involved directly and indirectly in his life. However, since everything in this novel is not as it seems, the author adds a couple of items to give a less crystalline side to his figure.

The style is perfect to those who love books full of suspense and it’s a novel that would involve everyone and which can be read in one breath. As soon as you start you just cannot stop reading. The language is very fluid and the story, extremely addictive and fascinating for psychological description of the characters.

From chapter to chapter the story evolves in a fast-paced adventure involving the reader especially during the middle of the story. It feature various characters from the psychological point of view depending on their social position, and their view of what is right and what is wrong.

It is a novel that will keep you hooked until the end with a snort of exasperation, and makes arching an eyebrow in front of some forces, which at first glance can be labeled as unreal. But if we stop and think for a moment, we see that more often the reality is more unreal than imagination itself.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 236 ♥ Published: February 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352015566

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