Book Review: Rhythm of Thoughts by Gouri Srivastava

Rhythm of Thoughts by Gouri Srivastava rambles us through a lyrical landscape. The author meanders between sensual moments and thoughts, rhythms and sound. At times the words even float that breaks through phantasm through poetic reflections and the gap between language and things illuminates.

In this compact book, there are sixty-one poems through which the author shares her thoughts. The words grow at this time against the minimalist compression. There are words to dynamic lines and stanzas full of rhythms. The rhythm of thoughts also means an approach to larger formations of reality.

The poems move over the experience of life and culture working its way forward and locks in the direction of imaginary times. The wonderful thing about the words here is that they are not just, as often happens in everyday life. The language shimmers much more and every word has very different shades of meaning in a courtyard of sound and rhythmic nuances.

Each word is linked with own associations, which may date back to the earliest memories. The author plays this complexity of the language in poems by bringing the various moments. There are layers of meaning, sounds, and rhythms with each other. They get closer to each other and then gets separates. This is the big attraction of the book.

This is a volume of poetry for those who seek the beauty of life, the miracle of individual moments and encounters life even within themselves. Readers will find a new meaning of life in this wonderful new book of poems by Gouri Srivastava.

I opened this book relatively spontaneously one evening with an unknown fear. However, I was overwhelmed in that evening by a language which corresponded to a human soul, which I felt much closer after an hour of reading. By the end of the evening, I came to the conclusion that poetry will never have an end, which may very well exist in the times to come.

Just as images need a framework Gouri Srivastava succeeds to express her thoughts in her poems again and again to find the right shape. The author knows the craft, fits her words in one with an artistic aspect that will hold your breath. Many of her poems start with a tapestry and then swim with strong, even strokes, deep down the distant dark ground.

It is an almost physical sense of rhythm that distinguishes the poetry of Gouri Srivastava. It is an attempt to let the language breathe, groping to conquer the words like a feeling.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 98 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Published: 16 November 2017 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9386653260
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