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Book Review: Transit Lounge by Sunil Mishra

Transit Lounge by Sunil Mishra is an ideal book to give to that person who needs a little push to get away to fulfill their dream of walking the planet. It is not a destination guide. It will not answer all the questions, but it will accompany you to clear up doubts in the organization of that great trip you have in mind.

Written by the one who is an expert in long journeys, it is a book inspired by all those messages that come to us asking us for a push to go on a trip. All people are different, but as travelers, we share feelings that only someone who experienced them can understand, and of which no travel guide speaks.

This book written in a simple and entertaining way uncovers the journey of the author in the different places of the world from Egypt, Mauritius, Argentina, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Turkey, USA, Australia to New Zealand.

It is a small but very useful manual for those who want to face more adventurous travel experiences than the usual ones. There is precious information to build your trip. The part that I liked the most is that on the mentality to be adopted based on the smile and respect for the cultures that host us.

It is not a book of stories although each of the topics is treated from the authors' experience and with stories that were marking the way in his years of travel. It is not a travel guide although it will help you plan from another point of view. It is not the solution to all your problems but you will feel understood. It's not a pot of humorous anecdotes but it's going to make you smile.

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After reading it I felt so nostalgic that I really want to go to a few of those destinations immediately. The book touched me, in many ways. It brought back some of the feelings that I had forgotten and made me remember and think many things. It touched my heart with every word and I am eternally grateful because what I will do is travel too. I do not know if it will be for all my life, a month, or a year, but I am sure that a tourist trip will not let me observe the world the way I want. The book has inspired me to follow my dreams and make an effort.

I have never been very good at reading, but I realized that I love these types of subjects, and you certainly know how to approach them very well. The book is super-fast to read because it hits you and makes you want to continue and keep reading.

Besides that personally, I feel so identified! The whole first part of how you feel trapped in the routine is like an autobiography. The author helped me a lot to reinforce my idea that limits are mental and the only ones that we can change that, are ourselves!

Needless to say, I'd love to meet the author somewhere someday! You can tell he is a very nice guy! I like that the book is addressed to everyone, whether they pack the bag to travel or to face a project or a change in their life.

For those who are going away to the nomadic life, it is a super recommended reading. They will be able to see, one after the other, the feelings, situations, and contradictions that travelers face. And for those of us who have been carrying the backpack for some years now, reading this book opens up the possibility of looking at ourselves in the mirror and reflecting on how we have gone through the chapters of our inner journey.

This book bears the story of a traveler on his journey. It is the story of a journey that in itself has transported a traveler. It is the story of a journey and a traveler gathered in the sought after a merger of the one who sees and what is seen. The pages that follow are a challenge and an invitation. The book is an anomalous "guide" that goes beyond the geography of a beloved country, to get into the psychology of a people. It is an invitation to get lost, rather than find the way.

ISBN-13: 978-9352017157 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Published: 13 October 2017 ♥ Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 214

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