20 July 2014

Business Doctors: Sameer Kamat

‘Business Doctors: Management Consulting Gone Wild’ by Sameer Kamat is an imaginary tale seizing the boardroom to the cell, where a business consultant gets dragged into a consulting mission with an underground group, which was concerned in all the dealings that are not lawful.

The Deliberate Sinner: Bhaavna Arora

‘The Deliberate Sinner’, the unveiling book by Bhaavna Arora is an only one of its kind, nippy, provocative interpret with a reflection of each connubial life and a woman's point of view to what adds up to a blissful marriage that truly faces up to the ostensible societal customs and also connects the male and female in the expression of corporal needs with the expedition of an Indian lady, matted in the tight spot of personal yearning and family expectations.

19 July 2014

Beyond School: Chitra Anand

‘Beyond School’ by Chitra Anand colourfully interlaces among the sequence of events of four central characters, effortlessly bringing together the past and present of Shail, his parents Urmila and Sushil and his guide Gladys, in a tale that is straightforward, shattering, witty and at the end of the day, extremely human.

Dead in a Mumbai Minute: Madhumita Bhattacharyya

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‘Dead In A Mumbai Minute’ by Madhumita Bhattacharyya, is her second book in the detective Reema Ray series after, The Masala Murder and is a paperback which will transport you in concert in the midst of a dazzling protagonist working as a private detective, a Bollywood megastar along with a murder with chunks of inscrutability, and a fine squirt of fiction.

15 July 2014

The Bluest Marble: Vipin Kumar

‘The Bluest Marble’ by Vipin Kumar is a philosophical journeying of youthful urban aspirations and agonies in the milieu of financial mayhem with an incredible as well as intuitive expedition of a young chap, the excitement in his verve, the folks he meet up, and his ascent as a flourishing graduate, a thriving worker, a booming and, then go down in all of those and finish up in the hospice and ultimately go up once more becoming conscious the spot on quintessence of existence.

Unsung Songs: Khushi Jivan

‘Unsung Songs’, by Khushi Jivan, is not just an assortment of full of feeling reflections expressed in concert but senses in the vein of a wreath winded in the company of wonderful small verses with each couplet as well as hymns in this slender compilation pulsates with sensitivity, and tenderness in addition to ecstasy.

13 July 2014

Love is Blind: Tasneem Sara

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'Love is Blind', by Tasneem Sara is a nippy saccharine, lovely interpret, and a fine volume for those in the frame of mind for a radiant, low conflict book that has come up with a really inimitable state of affairs and made it plausible and engaging tendering up a charming regency saga with bits of hilarity and a bonbon, sparkling story with a syrupy love chronicle of two folks who couldn't make out their love for one another, even though it was ogling them in their countenance.