31 August 2014

Seduced by Murder: Saurbh Katyal


Seduced by Murder by Saurbh Katyal is the story of a banal murder, seemingly simple to solve but with a totally unexpected conclusion, perhaps the most unattainable, with the structure with the linearity of this book is great and the finale is nothing short of unthinkable with a novel that will devour in a few hours.

24 August 2014

www.marryAghost.com: Abhimanyu Jha


Abhimanyu Jha is back with a novel, www.marryaghost.com, in which the story unfolds through the eyes of the protagonist, the worn-out, fraught, youthful and sensual golden-haired spirit Maahi, who has gone astray and remembers nothing apart from dying next to sea waves and now wanders like a ghost, emerging from a parallel life in disbelief at the sight of the absurdity of existence, stunned and helpless in a world that does not recognize hardly any, with her feelings and her initial impressions that, as usual, are then changed by the course of events.

23 August 2014

Private India: James and Ashwin

Private India, by two of the bestselling writers in the world James Patterson with Ashwin Sanghi, author of the successful saga of Rozabal Line, Chanakya's Chant and The Krishna Key, appears, not unexpectedly, with a thriller set in Mumbai.

20 August 2014

Play with Me: Ananth

Play with Me, is a beautiful story with the fascinating journey into the world of Sid, the intriguing and enigmatic character created by debut author Ananth. This novella speaks of the young photographer Sid in the midst of a charming tale that tenders unsullied insight into sexual affairs, along with obscure individual feelings together with an intrepid modern-day yarn of love with a narrative of those sentiments that are widespread, eternal, and which tap everyone’s existence.

09 August 2014

Rhythm of the Spirit: Sushrut A Badhe

Rhythm of the Spirit, by Sushrut A Badhe is a wonderfully on paper assortment of verses flawlessly poised by means of an identical figure of blithe poems that bring a smile to one's countenance in the midst of immense passion as well as profundity in the poems that thumps an arpeggio inside the person who reads.

03 August 2014

Heartache: Biswajit Guha Roy

Heartache, by Biswajit Guha Roy is a fascinating, all-round contemporary book which is at once a familial drama and a keenly viewed rendering of peninsular India in all its vivacity all encompassing and personal, sad and jovial, in an effort of colossal touching power where we observe, smell and experience the social order all through the sheets of this equally down-to-earth and wistful narrative and tangled with its fate is the complicated relationships of Bablu whose affairs have christened the volume.

02 August 2014

Happily Murdered: Rasleen Syal

Happily Murdered, by Rasleen Syal is archetypal thriller suspense and murder mystery volume set in the beaming tranquil and quaint crags of the Himalayas in the conjured township of Ratnagiri in Uttaranchal and orbits in the region of the obscure murder of Gulab Sarin Mehta who breathe her last on the day after her wedding in a family bursting with spite as well as sham.