27 July 2014

Rhythm of Love: Rahul Prasad Kanu

Rhythm of love, by Rahul Prasad Kanu is an astonishing work of fiction in the midst of numerous effects for many individuals of diverse ages and is an intricate narrative, wonderfully on paper, chock-a-block of fascinating as well as stimulating twists and turns.

Love is a Necessary Evil: Tashin Reza

Love is a Necessary Evil, by Tashin Reza is a volume in relation to choices and then the consequence or conclusion these preferences carry with the effects of ecstasy, tenderness, concord, aggression, recovery, destruction, adore, abhorrence and all  the responses to our choices.

26 July 2014

Rainbow: Aman Jassal

Rainbow, The Shades of love by Aman Jassal is a tale with reference to love lost and found pedestal on existent life experiences and tittle-tattles is a modernday narrative of a young man and his experimentation with love with the volume parley on the subject of the most significant facets of early life, love, sex, one night stands, with the account exposes the existence of todays youth, their camaraderie, sentiments, precedence, and ineptness to handle relations.

The Story: Anuj Kumar

The Story, by Anuj Kumar on one level is an inspiring life story in relation to one mans ascent as of poverty to being prosperous further than the imagination and on a profound and more momentous intensity, the volume is a divine flight on paper to be grateful and eulogize relations and associates, who lent a hand down the way.

20 July 2014

Business Doctors: Sameer Kamat

‘Business Doctors: Management Consulting Gone Wild’ by Sameer Kamat is an imaginary tale seizing the boardroom to the cell, where a business consultant gets dragged into a consulting mission with an underground group, which was concerned in all the dealings that are not lawful.

The Deliberate Sinner: Bhaavna Arora

‘The Deliberate Sinner’, the unveiling book by Bhaavna Arora is an only one of its kind, nippy, provocative interpret with a reflection of each connubial life and a woman's point of view to what adds up to a blissful marriage that truly faces up to the ostensible societal customs and also connects the male and female in the expression of corporal needs with the expedition of an Indian lady, matted in the tight spot of personal yearning and family expectations.

19 July 2014

Beyond School: Chitra Anand

‘Beyond School’ by Chitra Anand colourfully interlaces among the sequence of events of four central characters, effortlessly bringing together the past and present of Shail, his parents Urmila and Sushil and his guide Gladys, in a tale that is straightforward, shattering, witty and at the end of the day, extremely human.