12 April 2014

Silent Days: Jaydeep Sarangi

‘Silent Days’ by Jaydeep Sarangi is a prosaic compilation in the midst of an anthology of delicate collection of thoughts and metaphors flowing from lived instants of the seventh heaven, where the outlines of words ricochet the emotions in a brusque comportment gathering them into a flagrant piece.

06 April 2014

Serving You: Jaydeep Banerjee

‘Serving You’ by Jaydeep Banerjee is a story of factual affection, spot on belief along with an astonishing account of accomplishment and a heart-rending aide memoire of the straightforwardness of existence in addition to the self-determination and self uncertainties of cracking restraints and living it up with a lads passage into adulthood, adore, business as well as development as of thoughtlessness to never-ending knowledge.

31 March 2014

Faceless: Nizam Ahmed

‘Faceless’ by Nizam Ahmed is a superhero fairy-tale that is crazily hilarious as well as inimitably warped at the similar time shaping out the divergence among right and wrong and the numerous hues of gray there are in between fabricating a revitalizing tale chock-a-block of exploits, excitement, entwines, witty laugh-out-loud absurdity, with splendid temperaments.