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63 Rejections Book Review

63 Rejections by Kaushik Mudda aims to guide the understanding of the dynamics of innovation and caters to the frame of mind one requires to begin any sort of venture with the materialization of an entrepreneurial culture.

The book paints a portrait for engineering graduates, who are looking to undertaking into fields apart from coding, and about the difficulties that they will face is intended for a demographic catering to all ages and professions at a time when the startup culture is abundant and defines a new pop culture.

The majority of new businesses seem inevitably doomed to failure. The causes are many from market instability to the errors of assessment of the promoters, but many failures can be prevented. When markets are in turmoil, the one who can combine a rigorous method with a strong creativity can not only survive but also thrive. The book offers a set of powerful tools simple to understand, and presents in detail the practical technical and powerful tools used by the au…

Kerala, The Divine Destination Book Review

Kerala, The Divine Destination by Lalitha Balasubramanian is a travelogue, where we witness a progressive discovery of temples of Kerala and its true soul, where you can perceive those memories of the author from the drumbeats during the processions to the smell of jasmine and the warmth of the braziers that burned in temples.

South India is the warm and lush heart of the subcontinent, an unsettling mix of avant-garde and timeless traditions where everyday life and spirituality are intimately linked. This makes it very different from the northern part of the country. The opening words in the introductory chapter itself already contain the whole meaning of the book itself.

In a trip, whatever it is, you receive the gift of the "journey" that already resides within us. India in this kind of gifts is very generous which you will discover in your inner aspects and emotions only apparently hidden in the temples, the serenity of the people of Kerala, the screams of the children.