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Book Review: Play with Me by Ananth

Play with Me by Ananth is a beautiful story. It is a fascinating journey into the world of Sid, an intriguing and enigmatic character. This novella speaks of the young photographer Sid in the midst of a charming tale that tenders unsullied insight into sexual affairs, along with obscure individual feelings. The intrepid modern-day yarn of love has a narrative of those sentiments that are widespread, eternal, and which tap everyone’s existence.

Sid is a stylish, youthful, go-getting and in most parts bewildered flourishing photographer. He works in a boutique ad agency and is best at what he does. He has a great career, great co-workers along with a hassle free life. This radically changes when one day, a dazzling, self-determined, individualist lady called Cara ambles into his verve. She has applied to be an intern at the bureau, in particular working with Sid.

The two get drawn in into a sexually infatuated exhilarating relationship. It severely transforms all of Sid’s thoughts in relation to love. The liaison fully change the way he thinks in relation to the innate, physical bliss. But this time we will know the sides of Sid’s character that we could only suspect. Because in the end, enters another woman in Sid’s life. The whole thing changes as something weird and wonderful happens in Sid’s existence. He discerns himself plummeting deeply in love with another married lady Nat, who is unable to satisfy her covetousness.

Sid is strong and brave but who will win his loyalty when the matter will be personal? A secret is gnawing the heart, though still, he is able to lie? How much longer can he avoid the woman he loves?

Written fluidly and fluently, you never get bored. The actions are well described with hot scenes which are nothing grotesque. They are expressed at the right point, without ever slipping into the vernacular when the thought of reading a hot scene makes some embarrassed as hell.

The characters are very believable, both with their own gestures and with their emotions. Sid is a man of action always his strong, even in adversity, determined, courageous and vindictive. Nat already has her temper and is always she who controls and manipulates others without them even noticing. Cara is a woman with power and is one that none of them should afford to play.

Overall it is a scene full of eroticism but at the same tenderness and sweetness. Sid is most mischievous. It makes the character a little more credible. Given that this side of him in the game can be seen in some lines, as also in later episodes like when speaking with Cara. And so are the smutty scenes, described in a really extraordinary way. It is not vulgar but passionate, sometimes funny and sweet.

The descriptions, the gestures, the hesitancy of her, that as soon Cara discovers that Sid has feelings towards him, are likeable. You would be really pleasantly surprised by this story. Although the act itself is not always seen as one of the most poetic things well, we think of something else when we approach the subject of sex, it is poetic.

The story is very different but still very charming. As for the plot, it is very different. The style is smooth, direct, without mincing words. The descriptions are accurate and not bulky. So you can imagine yourself in the scene, but without weighing down the narrative which bursts with energy.

The paperback will echo subterranean. The existence at the moment in the conurbations are high-speed, speeding up at neck breaking swiftness. The ersatz debauchery that it shows signs of and in all of this, characters endeavoring to come across a touch significant to seize on to maybe love perchance.

The volume goes beyond that and crosses the thresholds of literary fiction for a split second. It walks off back to being a rumination on adore and existence. The pleasant erotic escapade takes us unswervingly to the youthful haunches of politically correct urban India.

In conclusion read it! I cannot say anything else.

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Publisher: Penguin Books India ♥ Imprint: Penguin ♥ Published: August 2014 ♥ ISBN-13: 9780143423621 ♥ Language: English ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Pages: 252 ♥ Type: Fiction

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