Book Review: Claim Your Treasure by Manoj Kumar Baitha

Claim Your Treasure by Manoj Kumar Baitha is a short book, full of meanings and guidance. It makes the readers understand the importance and value of change, flexibility and openness. It is a very useful little book to help you manage change, to learn how to deal with change and what is important that makes us live well.

The story gives food for simple thoughts. It is sometimes disarming and quite interesting with metaphors for what we want to get out of life, a satisfying and fulfilling job, a beautiful loving relationship, financial peace of mind, the world in which we seek. It also shows what we want from the company we work, the family, and the community in which we live. These words will be an opportunity to discover how to manage change, to suffer less stress and get more success in work and in life.

The book is a parable, so that must be interpreted and certainly not taken for what it presents itself. A book, which, we should be grateful, with examples to understand the colors of the season, knowing that sooner or later fashion will change, and to prepare for that.

The book is true in general, describing the change that comes in everyone's life where in nature everything changes, we, our actions and life. Sometimes the changes are rapid, destabilizing us obviously. The book seems to say to be alert and aware of the changes and decide if and how we want to change.

Between the number of messages that the book wants to give, is of humility to recognize that there is something wrong and that is wrong. Do not expect that the solution to the problems or happiness will rain from the sky. Never giving up and even when things seem okay, keeping an eye open and preventing the problems. The forced change does not always have to be seen negatively.

The book also teaches us to take action and to have confidence in our autonomy and independence to be smart enough. We must also have patience. The book shows that there is no universal formula for success. It provides in its smallness and humility, a minimum starting point for reflection on the only resource in this every living thing the desire to live.

This book is able to lift an individual. The messages are clear and certainly encouraging but incidentally seems to be more a fairy tale. And you know, in a fairy tale there's always a happy ending where building yourself your own is possible if you prefer. But you have to be brutally honest with yourself to recognize when there are ingredients. It is, therefore, necessary to move to look for them elsewhere.

It’s a must-read book, for any age. It has metaphors for everything that we want from life, not what others would like us to be desired. It's a book that spurs us to act always correcting our aim according to inevitable changes in the external environment and does so in a sublime way.

It really looks like a fairy tale in which, with the utmost simplicity, the book analyze various personal attitudes in the face of change. There are passages that bear both strengths opportunities in a time of change. It is a fable not a treatise on social psychology, taking into account this deserves to be read.

The style of the book is straightforward, immediate, a classic style that tends to present concepts in a simple way. It always explain things to adults that can make us look at our behavior in a different way, dispersing the mist repetition, habits and every day we bring before our eyes.

The book is a beautiful example of how you can use simple messages to convey loud and clear what moves us every day. And then everything will seem more simple and clear. The book is recommended for those who need motivation or who must motivate change.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 139 ♥ Publisher: ♥ Published: August 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182535244

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