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Book Review: Claim Your Treasure by Manoj Kumar Baitha

Claim Your Treasure by Manoj Kumar Baitha is a short book, full of meanings and guidance. It makes the readers understand the importance and value of change, flexibility and openness. It is a very useful little book to help you manage change, to learn how to deal with change and what is important that makes us live well.

The story gives food for simple thoughts. It is sometimes disarming and quite interesting with metaphors for what we want to get out of life, a satisfying and fulfilling job, a beautiful loving relationship, financial peace of mind, the world in which we seek. It also shows what we want from the company we work, the family, and the community in which we live. These words will be an opportunity to discover how to manage change, to suffer less stress and get more success in work and in life.

The book is a parable, so that must be interpreted and certainly not taken for what it presents itself. A book, which, we should be grateful, with examples to understand the colors …