Book Review: It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice by Amisha Sethi

It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice by Amisha Sethi is a fascinating parable about the choice men and women are facing. Who every day feel suffocated by haste, by the commitments, the need for meaning. The novel tells the synthesis of wisdom and rules for successful synergy that are the basis for a new conscious and happy life.

Kiara is a full of life, thirty-something young woman who has reached great heights professionally. She is the apple of the eye for almost all and sundry who knows her. An enviable life, or so it would seem. But she is harassed by stress, the need for new experiences and a creeping sense of dissatisfaction. Even at one point she think of almost ending her life.

But she never took any short cuts to become more contented, wiser, better and more empathetic. She had to discover rays of optimism where the shady warren seemed never-ending, and recognize gloom in life's blazing trail. She found tiny pearls of wisdom in chasing her ideas, in spreading laughter, in erudition from scriptures and philosophers. She discovered a secret and wants to share it with the world.

It then goes on various concepts of personal development never dull. It is presented with apparent lightness in the effective form of dialogue in search of personal nirvana. This book is an excellent tool that will help you to maximize your tremendous potential. The author convinces us that we all have the potential to achieve great things and lead a life full of joy, satisfaction and pure happiness. In some of us, this potential lies dormant in the depths just waiting to come out to be put to the test.

Most of us live a lifetime wearing social masks that hide our true self. Rather than living the life you were meant to live, we end all to live the life of other people. And in doing so, we die a slow death. Live totally the moment and enjoy every single moment of this great gift we call life. Accept the challenge and have the courage to live the high life.

The author of the book is really good, and is able to convey emotions through the lines. This book will make you change your way of seeing things. It teaches us not to be materialistic, but to understand what the really important things in life are.

Simply adorable written fluidly to be read in one breath, the book will make you think about how the appearances count more than substance. It offers an opportunity to reflect on the fact that it is never too late to make a change in our existential journey. The constant effort leads to spiritual enrichment, resulting in improved life everyday!

A delicious story in the form of a fairy tale with smooth and delicate lessons in life and at the same time full of meanings, the author has a unique style. The book remains the most complete, that allows you to learn very easily these principles in life. It can help you make a difference to yourself, with people for you care, quality moments that you can create by working concretely on your mind.

Truly a great book for the mind-body-spirit that teaches how to stop the mind, to live here and now, to find inner peace. The book teaches how to achieve success in life that will help the reader to look at everything with new eyes. Moreover it proposes fundamental teachings of simple application and feasibility in daily life. A beautiful book and easy to read, which can become a manual to manage our thoughts and improve our lives.

The book is great because it is written in a simple style with practical and figurative examples, as if there was really an old friend who comes to visit and completely transformed from whom you learn things that you know in part, but that whenever you hear them force you to see you in and to analyze more and more. A book to keep close at hand on the table and to be savoured slowly day by day, it’s a novel that is pure poetry.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ○ Published: August 2015 ○ ISBN - 13: 978-9382665465 ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 184
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