Book Review: 35 and Sexless in Ahmedabad by Robin David

35 and Sexless in Ahmedabad by Robin David is an intriguingly humorous chronicle. It is in relation to a forlorn man's pursuit for existent acquaintances in a period of virtual connectivity. As Anant discovers, his three-legged dog is essentially an insightful predicament with an amazingly primordial retort.

Anant is a thirty-five-year-old small-time photographer in Ahmedabad. He has an inveterate nightmare where, a three-legged bitch is chained to his ankle, slowing his stride as well as dragging heatedly behind him. Attempt as he might, he is neither able to liberate himself of the mongrel in the delusion nor the reverie itself of Raashee, his one-time lover who now exists only in online chat windows or Diane Arbus, the celebrated 1960s' photographer whose cutting edge ideas have no takers in Ahmedabad or his father, with whom he has an overwrought bond.

Anant betrays nothing, but then, in the end, proves to have a huge heart. He is the classic guy in a big city, who every woman would like to have at her side. He is charming, intelligent, sensitive, caring and willing to help others. When psychologists and Google fail him, Anant embarks on a voyage through the conurbation to discover the answers that dodge him.

A pleasant read, all in all, which will make you stop from time to time. It's not a novel perhaps of love pills, but also that venture for an out of the ordinary reading. Maybe reading a couple of pages a day could improve your day, as you start with the smile, the one that causes true madness. The style is impossible to pin down which maybe one of the greatest merits of the author. Here you can experience a thousand genres into one. It always speak of ironies of life, but always in different ways, in which the author manages to transform itself continually.

It is a very light and pleasant read. The texture is soft, perhaps a bit obvious. In addition, the author made a stylistic complex narrative but makes it look great. It is typical of many writers who use metaphors, complex language, frequent monologues, and many faceless characters.

It is a read very special, that many will go crazy to experience, with all the warnings. Because it is a surprised look at everything from a different perspective that of love in unreal times. One that makes you fall in the shoes of others even when they are wrong. Although not necessarily to understand them, which might make you lose or gain confidence in life. But that there will confirm its existence wherever you are looking.

A book poignant, complex, full of humor and pervaded by a gloomy disillusionment the author has an engaging and compelling writing. He carefully digs into the psychology of the characters, outlining specifically the urges and hesitations, thoughts and ways of life.

It is not a book to make you think. The narrative flows very quickly and is a great book to be read under the umbrella at the beach.

Publisher: HarperCollins • Published: May 2015 • ISBN-13: 978-9350298459 • Language: English • Binding: Paperback • Pages: 224
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