Book Review: The Italian Billionaire's Kidnapped Mistress

This time I bring you the review of The Italian Billionaire's Kidnapped Mistress by Kyra Radcliff. I must confess that the books by this author are perfect results as I always look for light and agile readings. If you know me, you will know that I’m an incurable romantic.

Let's change my modus operandi for once. Let's start immediately with: did I like the book? This book has left me dumbfounded, perhaps also due to the fact that the writing was engaging. This novel does not lack the part that makes the reader laugh but also the part that moves it and that in the end we become attached to the main characters and their stories intersected during the story.

Going back to the book we have a kidnapper as seductive as is bewitching. A young girl kidnapped for a sisters’ safety. A steamy passion that will make you lose the floor. This is a book that tells us about Tori Parsons, Cesare Moretti, Gabriella Marchese, Alfonso Marchese, all rich, all beautiful, all problematic.

Tori is a happy and honest girl, who is in a relationship with Cesare, who has a fashion house in Milan. Tori believed in the man she loves, until she realizes that everything is a lie as she discovers Cesare is to marry Gabriella.

So enters Alfonso, who kidnaps Tori. Only that her rich and seductive kidnapper claims to have done so to stop her to chase after Cesare and Gabriella on their honeymoon and find new ways to stalk and embarrass them.

Always have everything under control. Never abandon yourself to the weakness of spontaneity. These are the cardinal points on which Tori's existence is regulated. The young woman, independent and attached to her freedom, is going to rebel against this forced captivity; but its captor, owner of a bewitching charm is as enigmatic as is persuasive.

And Tori must fight against her own desire. Because doesn't the saying say that the best way to overcome temptation is to fall into it? Then a kiss shakes the world of both like an earthquake. Thus began a close correspondence between the two, first made of squabbles, but which soon turned into an unusual bond.

Will such a particular girl accept this relationship? Will the handsome alpha billionaire really be a solution to problems or will he end up being a major complication and a danger to her sanity?

Go along the stunning locales of Europe, and you will find the most incredible bunch of sexy and handsome characters you have ever read and discover a beautiful love story. The final chapters are then a continuous twist that leave you breathless.

Kyra Radcliff brings into play protagonists who are very strong characters. The characters are interesting, perhaps because of their story. The female protagonist is also interesting. She is a girl with hidden beauty, and also for her the author has worked to make sure that she is not too predictable.

The author was good at painting the characters without making it a ridiculous speck, but giving them thickness and credibility. I believe that his type of writing is either loved or hated. For me it was love at first sight. I finished the book very quickly as the writing is very fluent and in its very pleasant way being in the first person.

Another point in favor of the novel is Tori, who is who is true enough to make us identify with her in some moments. She is perhaps one of the few female protagonists that I have seen, with her own and modern character and personality. She is not a shy young girl who lets herself be dazed by the handsome (and rich) man and acts for this in a way contrary to what she usually would.

She is a young woman, who is confident of her appearance, of her femininity, who takes what she wants and is not afraid to recognize it, proceeds according to her principles and is consistent with these (almost always). She is one who is not crying over herself hoping for the miraculous intervention of third parties (or the Prince Charming who will save her), but, mistress of her life and body.

She does what she wants, without repentance and does not let herself be tyrannized or intimidated, but faces obstacles with determination. The Italian Billionaire's Kidnapped Mistress is a story full of romance that will warm your hearts and at the same time will manage to give shape to your most forbidden fantasies.

The author's pen always manages to catch me, and her stories manage to entertain me. The truth is I have to confess that I usually read these types of books in one fell swoop since they always get me hooked which I cannot deny. In this book there are no insurmountable existential dramas, the problems that are they are approached step by step by the protagonists.

Book Review - The Billionaires Secret Ravina Hilliard
It is a classic romance novel, of those to be read by those who like stories of redemption and happy ending. On the other hand, as it progresses a little, everything becomes clearer and becomes a simpler and more uncomplicated plot, with quite a few short and addictive chapters. Some parts are slightly verbose, but overall the story is exciting.

The result of the author's effort is a discreet book that is pleasant to read, suitable for summer reading, undemanding and quick to read. If you want to catch your breath after a demanding book or if you just want to spend some time without worries in the company of beautiful destinations, then it's right for you.

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