Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Vision: Aniruddha Bose

The whole narrative open out not through glum or gloom but the gala of discovery where the folios of Arijit’s existence unwrap one flap after another, his feelings regarding her, the nation, its fruition from one cohort to the other, about the folks he cherish and eccentric enough as loath as she was by shank's pony in reverse in time, Srabosti locate the whole lot is in the offing if she still mind to revisit.

The state just grows on over an epoch of time and that is what ensues to Srabosti. Identifying her father and discerning India lope analogous all along with knowing herself, which is just first-rate. Her father develop into further and further secure to her as she meet the small number of certain very close and cherished folks.

He fetches out the sob of individual essence that skulk behind the gleaming smokescreen of riches and lavishness of the West and then through the ogle of the key personality, Srabasti, the cerebral booklover appreciate the genuine thinking.

There are a few basic issues in our existence, which either mount in the echelon of our sentiment or slumber in the icy gloom of our intimate passion. Every now and then it heaves a tsunami in our stanch samey verve quivering up our very subsistence and at times there are folks whom you haven’t met and don’t identify at all and they stay anonymous to you in entirety.

Title: The Vision ○ Publisher: Smriti Publisher ○ Author: Aniruddha Bose ○ Edition:  Paperback ○ Language: English ○ ISBN: 9788191034035

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