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Love is Vodka Book Review

Love is Vodka, A Shot Ain't Enough by Amit Shankar is not just a tale of a run of the mill adolescent girl in quest of escapades and plummeting in love that expresses the book lovers to seize a plunge in the adore soaked moonlit ocean of erotic saga, with delightfully explored female sentiments articulated in an astonishing narrative.

Being a love baby, Moon, the central character, an emblematic contemporary teen girl is everything save for a predictable youngster, who discerns existence isn't all mottled like a butterfly, thanks to regular prompts from her care for who has countered the social order and defied the system all through her thriving job by raising an affectionate baby in a nation where still having one is unthinkable being fetched to this globe, by an already wedded French envoy, returning to his old relations after learning of her mother's pregnancy.

The account gyrates in the region of the distressed verve of a go-getting, gifted and gorgeous Moon, to whom…